How many problems instead of possibilities do you create and solve as a distractor implant from the life you are choosing?

I won’t tell you the right way, but we’ll lay the foundation for you to create whatever you choose.
Way of Possibilities
For me, it’s about facilitating everything that comes up on the path of commitment to possibilities, not problems
Start at 10:00 am Moscow time
Igor Olemskoi:
Monthly meetings
Facilitator — Igor Olemskoi
Possibility to receive personal facilitation upon request
1.5 hours of facilitating the requests of meeting participants in group dynamics
Access to recordings of club meetings with the ability to listen to them for greater effect
35 $/monthly
Communication with like-minded people and the club facilitator in a general private chat
Insights and changing perspectives on possibilities
Membership renewal is automatic. The debit is from the same card, a month after the previous one. You can cancel your membership in the club at any time — access to the club will be closed in a month from the date of the last payment.
Broadcasts will be accompanied by a text version of the clearings and processes announced on the call
30% discount on Adv-JCF Access Consciousness™ call recordings by Igor Olemskoi
Start at 10:00 am Moscow time
Monthly meetings
Access allowed me to look differently at the balance of personal life and work, at love and relationships, at creating businesses and money.
About me
I am an IT entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, a happy husband and father, and a certified Access Consciousness™ facilitator
Founder of Southbridge and the Slurm Learning Center, Access Consciousness facilitator for the Joy of Business specialty, and someone who transcended personal preconceptions about the «difficulties» of doing business.
Igor Olemskoi,
Advanced JCF Access Consciousness™
The phrase that turned me around: "Do you solve problems? Or are you asking for Possibilities?"
Diana Gimaeva
So, my Way of Possibilities with Igor Olemskoi.

It will be an interesting and entertaining story, you can safely stock up on cola, sit in a comfortable chair and walk with me this seemingly small, but at the same time capacious way.

Any point in the moment now begins a couple of steps before, a few Choices made days/years earlier.

My new assemblage point that led to this very "now" moment began over the summer in St. Petersburg, a city that is very similar to Paris, both in energy and architecture. By the way, I visited Paris in December 2021, when the borders and communications were not yet particularly open. And it’s also about Possibilities, isn’t it?

So, in the summer, I first met Igor Olemskoi, starting the movement with a book club about Relationships. I saw that my readiness to meet this particular facilitator came then, in the summer of 2022. New book clubs, calls, classes followed.
Such a whirlpool of new Possibilities that manifested themselves according to my Choice, my Commitment to my life and the desire to change a lot!

I heard a lot about these words, and they began to open up with Igor in a new way.

Each call is wow, fireworks in my brain, relaxation in my body and a slight dizziness in my head.

This is the state when the question "What else is possible?" becomes even more relevant because I know something else follows!

I heard that every time we say the phrase: "I already looked there!" - we seal it even more and cannot change it, blocking access with our judgment.

And it became interesting for me to explore with enthusiasm the very child that I rediscover in myself. Do you remember how many questions children ask? And with what curiosity they discover the world, their Possibilities!

What is my joy and where is my true joy?
On one of the days of some book club, I heard a phrase that turned me upside down "Do you solve problems? Or are you asking for Possibilities?"

Yes, that’s it!

How long have I been focused on solving problems in my life?! Yes, this is a real "decided", and I played it for a very long time.

I wonder what is available for me now?

And the next tool that just turned 180 'is about prohibitions, and in a new iteration — about self-judgment)
And as we remember, the most unkind thing we can do to ourselves is to judge ourselves. It seems so simple, and so obscure at the same time.

So, my Way of Possibilities began a couple of steps before.

And now, at this club, this path has continued, like a horizon that never ends before my eyes, and I know that there, ahead, there is so much that can unfold before me.

With one movement of my lips, and one bright flash in my thoughts, I manifest with a question:

"What else is possible for me?!"
Let’s explore together?
I love this kind of energy — not to deviate from my own and just take my own!
Lilia Rybakova
I had such a great day today! Just more. I fall asleep so happy. I made a couple of such significant choices for me. Enormous ones)) and what is now possible?

And do not fall asleep until I write the same. Igor, so grateful to you for the club! For your idea to create it. I love this kind of energy — not to deviate from my own and just take my own! Wow, so many changes and possibilities ahead. And how does it get any better?

I fall asleep as a happy satisfied pie with creamy chocolate filling.
What if it’s time to choose possibilities?
Igor Olemskoi