Where did you mix up work and slavery?

How many obligations and relationships do you have at work that keep you in constant heaviness?

Do you desire to change this? What are you choosing?
Facilitator — Igor Olemskoi
Labor slavery
Facilitations in group dynamics
Сколько обязательств и отношений у вас есть на работе, что удерживает вас в постоянной тяжести? Трудовое рабство. Игорь Олемской
How much have you locked yourself in the need to work, and do it only for money and for the sake of money?
How many past jobs where you were stuck resonate with your current job?
How many vows and limitations of yourself do you take away with you over and over again, leaving the next job, and all this still creates your life?
How much abuse did you perceive, feel and know in your work that you made it yours and bought it as yours as a "responsibility"?
How much responsibility for the result, for the success of all projects and subordinates, did you take on at work consciously and unconsciously?
To what extent can and should all this really create your reality?
What if you could let go of those points of view and create allowance to change it all?
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100 $
Access allowed me to look differently at the balance of personal life and work, at love and relationships, at creating businesses and money.
About me
I am an IT entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, a happy husband and father, and a certified Access Consciousness™ facilitator
Founder of Southbridge and the Slurm Learning Center, Access Consciousness facilitator for the Joy of Business specialty, and someone who transcended personal preconceptions about the «difficulties» of doing business.
Igor Olemskoi,
Advanced JCF Access Consciousness™
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What do you choose today?
Products. Calls
I answered an ad near my house. I go to a new job tomorrow
Lilia Rybakova
This is very funny, but yesterday, for fun, I responded to an ad near my house. I liked that it’s close (8 minutes walk).
The fact that this is a medical institution with some innovative technologies (I have already worked in similar centers) and I also liked the salary. I’m starting to work tomorrow. Tomorrow! I!

At the interview, it’s so cool, it turns out! And when she asked me: why and what I like, I honestly said that
1. Close to home
2. Salary
3. I love talking on the phone with clients, especially cold ones. Aaaa))) give me more of them.

P — passion. And what else can I find out about myself, what is easy and fun for me and what will bring me money?)) Not that this call somehow affected. No no no. Nooo. What are you talking about? So that a person who fiercely considered work for hire to be complete crap and torture would take it and the next day see other possibilities almost under his nose. And how does it get any better? Wow!
Surprisingly nice — previously complex things for me became simple and clear
The call paid off immediately — it demolished a bunch of points of view with which I felt like in a cage, and did not see other opportunities for receiving money. The process of working itself has become much easier, as I have ceased to be in suspense and began to simply do what I consider to be a strategic contribution to the project.

Surprisingly nice — previously complex things for me (such as algorithms, addictions, relationships) became simple and clear. A state of calmness, confident flow.
Goodbye right away
Lilia Prisnyak
The call was followed by a job interview. I was given a form in which it was required to indicate, in addition to professional qualities and achievements, a lot of personal information. I waited for the manager, and on his offer to fill out, I replied that it was better to do this after the interview. And I was told that when they come to an institution with rules, they don’t set their own. Goodbye.
The call is the bomb!
All the time in a continuous vortex
Marianna Leonova
Finally got to listen to the call — it’s a bomb!
All the time in a continuous vortex — every word, every clearing. This is something!

Igor, thank you very much!
The body asked to listen to the call on replay
Many thanks to Igor for the call!
So much has risen up!

The body asked to listen to it over and over.
What are you choosing today?
Igor Olemskoi
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